Acro-Yoga Seminar

Andre here again, and I have an awesome seminar coming up!

You’ve all seen my Acro-Yoga video by now (if not check out this cool post `on our Fusion MMA & Kickboxing Blog). It’s a partner yoga class that’s challenging, requires a ton of concentration but most important of all, it’s fun!

I wan to invite everyone down to a seminar by Brandon, I took a few of his seminars already and was blown away by the training.

Don’t be intimidated, although its challenging, he is going to break everything down and is amazing at teaching complete beginners!

Here’s what you need to know…

Who: This is for everyone! You can bring a friend or come solo (everyone is going to work together). This is for members and non-members so feel free to bring a friend!

What: Acro-Yoga Seminar from 1-4pm. $45 (same price for members & non-members). Sign-up online HERE.

When: December 20th, 2014 from 1-4pm.

Where: Fusion MMA & Kickboxing of Port Jefferson Station, NY.

Why: ’cause it’s insanely awesome and everyone needs more awesome lessons! But seriously this is a fun, challenging series that will help in your overall fitness journey!

Remember to pre-pay and sign-up online at


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